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Premium Quality Bagged Wood Bedding for Animals;

  • Pine Wood Shavings from 100% Softwood
  • Clean, Dry, Absorbent and Convenient to Use
  • Very Low Dust Levels
  • The Terpenes are ‘naturally found’ anti-microbial which helps control insect production.
  • Absorbs ammonia and nitrogen from barn waste more effectively than other species of wood shavings.
  • Easier to compress making it possible for our 3 cubic foot bag to expand to 10 cubic feet.
  • Stored Indoors
  • Delivery available upon request
  • Discount on Whole Skid Purchase (40 bales)


Why Use Pine Wood Shavings?

  • Pine reduces Ammonia in your barn, therefore no more smell.
  • Thinner flakes last longer and absorb more waste – easily sifted leaving the good material.
  • Packaging maximizes efficiency – grab 4 bags at a time instead of wheel-barrowing from the dusty bulk pile.
  • No more shaving shelters or tarps needed! Store outside in the elements with confidence.
  • Accurately calculate your bedding amounts and costs for the year.
  • Due to increasing efficiency when cleaning, reducing dust clean up, and time when bedding = reduced labour.