Why massage?

  • You might want to offer your horse something in return for all that he has done for you. We get so much from our horses that it's great to give something back.
  • An older horse will appreciate massage to ease his potentially aching joints. A younger horse will benefit from massage to help him enjoy learning to stand still and accept treatment.
  • A horse recovering from injury or trauma will benefit from the love and attention that massage will give.
  • A horse who struggles to work through from behind, or to work through his back, or to relax to the contact, or to bend correctly, or to pick up canter on the correct lead, or to halt square, or to move laterally, could benefit from massage.
  • A horse who often canters disunited, or is reluctant to go forward, who stops at fences, or rushes his fences, who always has a pole down, or struggles to make the distance, could find his performance improved with massage.
  • A horse who naps, or bucks going into canter, or who bites when you do up the girth, or is ticklish to be brushed, who refuses to stand to be saddled or mounted, or rushes off for the first few strides, might find his behaviour improved with massage.

The need for your horse to be physically comfortable cannot be overestimated when it comes to his quality of life, and is an essential element of the respect and understanding that leads to a healthy, happy horse.

In massage therapy we treat restrictions in the soft tissues of the body, including muscle, tendon, ligament and fascia. This allows the joints to realign to their natural healthy state. As the horse's posture improves, the horse is more comfortable and movement and biomechanics continue to improve.

A healthy body and good fluid movement develop when each part of the horse is moving independently with softness and suppleness.

Equine Bodywork is never a substitute for veterinary care, and works best as part of a collaborative approach in which the horse's vet, rider and trainer, and other health-care professionals all work together to achieve the best results.

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Equine Massage