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Kalm Ultra

​A high-fat feed for use in mature horses at maintenance or in training; contains direct-fed microbials for improved gut health.

Growth Pelleted

Formulated for young growing horses and pregnant and lactating mares consuming grass or mixed forage less than 50% legume.


A textured horse feed designed for mature horses.


A high-fat,textured sweet feed formulated for mature horses at maintenance or training.

EZ Pelleted

A pelleted low-starch feed formulated for use in all classes of mature horses.

K Finish

A high-fat, vitamin, mineral fortified supplement for use in all horses.

Essential K

​A supplement formulated for growing, working and performance horses.

Disclaimer; Refer to Feeding Directions on feed company website, individual feed bags for quantities to be fed, nutritional information and feed ingredients. These resources are for general recommendation only. Please consult your vet for specific application.

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